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Everyone knew, going into this past weekend, that Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame was going to straight print money.  However, I don’t think anyone really knew just how much money it was going to print.

The film brought in a whopping $350M domestically with a total of $1.2B globally.  That is an astronomical number for a film in one weekend.  For your consideration, Avengers: Infinity War brought in $257M domestically in its opening weekend.  Endgame opened with $93M more (!!!).  Insane.

Here’s a list of records the film broke in its opening weekend:

  • Largest Thursday Previews – $60M (previous record was $57M – Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
  •  Widest Opening – 4662 theaters (previous was 4529 – Despicable Me 2)
  • Largest Friday, Opening Day, and Single Day – $156.7M (previous was $119.1M – Star Wars: The Force Awakens)
  • Largest Saturday – $109M (previous $82.1M – Avengers: Infinity War)
  • Largest Sunday – $84.3M (previous $69.2M – Avengers: Infinity War)
  • Domestic Opening Weekend – $350M (previous $257.6M – Avengers: Infinity War)
  • #1 Movie Market Share – 90% (meaning the percentage of movie goers went to see)
  • Worldwide Opening Weekend – $1.2B (previous $640M – Avengers: Infinity War)

Here’s some tidbits for you regarding Marvel’s 22 film gross; they have grossed over $19.8B worldwide; nine of those films have crossed the $1B mark.

As to not be forgotten in the Endgame scrum at the box office, Disney’s other $1B tentpole in theaters – Captain Marvel – received some favorable audience buzz.  The film was second this weekend with $8M.  The film has made more than $413M at the domestic box office, which makes it the ninth largest superhero film of all time.

Third at the box office was the horror film The Curse of La Llorona, which is in its second weekend.  The film brought in $7.5M over the three days, bringing its domestic total to $41.2M.  The film has made $87M worldwide.

Disney’s release of Fox’s Breakthrough – the faith based film – was fourth this weekend, totaling $6.8M.  In its second week, the film has totaled $26.6M.

Rounding out the top five was Warner Bros. release of DC’s Shazam!, which has seen a very strong run to date.  The film made $5.5M over the weekend, bringing its domestic total to $131.2M, for a global total of $345.9M.

Here’s the rest of the top 10:

6. Dumbo (2019) – $3.4M ($107.2M)

7. Little – $3.4M ($35.8M)

8. Pet Sematary (2019) – $1.3M ($52.6M)

9. Us – $1.1M ($172M)

10. Penguins – $1.1M (new)


The weekend box office report isn’t a good one, not if you’re a big movie executive with a film playing this weekend. The horror film set in The Conjuring universe, The Curse of La Llorona” debuted in the top spot with an abysmal $26.5M. While that number is painfully low for Easter weekend, the total is ahead of expectations.

Other studios held off on releasing more well known titles mainly because Disney’s Avengers: Endgame releases next week and no one only wants one week to make as much money as they can.

The horror film only cost $9M to make, so a $26M opening is actually money in the bank.

Coming in second at the box office was Warner Bros. Shazam! which brought in $17.3M. The weekends result sees the film’s domestic total to $121.3M.

Third place belonged to the debut of the faith-based film Breakthrough bringing in $11M. The total for the film, which actually opened on Wednesday, has amassed $14.7M.

Disney’s Captain Marvel came in fourth at the box office with $9.4M in its seventh weekend. The film has brought in more than $400M domestically and more than $1B worldwide.

Rounding out the top five was the film Little with $8.3M in its second weekend.

Here’s the rest of the top 10:

6. Dumbo (2019) – $6.8M ($101.2M)

7. Pet Sematary (2019) – $4.8M ($49.5M)

8. Missing Link – $4.3M ($12.9M)

9. Us – $4.2M ($170.4M)

10. Hellboy (2019) – $3.8M ($19.6M)

Via Box Office Mojo

Warner Bros. and the DCEU collectively breathed a sigh of relief after their newest super hero film, “Shazam!”, was both a critical success as well as a box office hit. The film continues the recent success of DCEU movies following “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman”, and while those two films were gigantic box office draws, they both had the character recognition to go with it. “Shazam!” on the other hand, doesn’t quite carry the same character recognition as the Justice League members. However, a smartly made film that focuses on the characters rather than the plot turned out to be a great move by the studio and led to the film making $54M over the weekend (coupled with the $3M it made in its one day advanced screenings two weeks ago, brings the total to $57M) domestically, while the film scored $102M internationally from 79 different markets. It’s a huge win for the WB and leads me to believe that this will allow the studio to take more chances on lesser known heroes rather than sticking to the already established ones. It’s also a huge win for the studio considering it’s production budget was only $100M.

According to Box Office Mojo “Shazam!” is tracking in the same direction as 2015’s Marvel title “Ant-Man” which had the virtual same domestic opening and ended up grossing around $160M domestically in its run.

In second place at the box office was the Stephen King remake “Pet Sematary” which brought in $25M domestically. The film’s budget was only $21M so everything from here on out is money in the bank for Paramount. Internationally the film made $17.3M.

Disney’s live-action “Dumbo” remake placed third at the box office this weekend with $18.2M. This brings the film’s domestic total to $76M. It’s a rare struggle for a Disney tent pole film, which reportedly cost $170M to make. Internationally the film has made $137.5M for a worldwide total of $214M.

The Jordan Peele horror film “Us” came in fourth with $13.8M. It was a foregone conclusion that the film would struggle going up against another horror film. The film has now totaled $152M domestically and has been printing money since it released over two weeks ago.

Rounding out the top five was Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” which managed $12.6M for a domestic total of $374.1M. It crossed the $1B threshold earlier last week and is firmly in the conversation as one of Marvel’s most successful titles to date.

Here is the rest of the top 10:

6. “The Best of Enemies” – $4.5M (new)

7. “Five Feet Apart” – $3.7M ($41.5M)

8. “Unplanned” – $3.2M ($12.4M)

9. “Wonder Park” – $2M ($41.9M)

10. “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” – $1.9M ($156.6M)

Disney’s live-action remake “Dumbo” took the number one spot at this weekend’s box office, giving the studio yet another win in the live-action category.

While the film claimed the top spot amongst weekend moviegoers, it underwhelmed considering the film’s expectations. “Dumbo” brought in an estimated $45M, about $5M short of where studio executives expected it to be. While it performed better than recent live-action Disney films (“Christopher Robin”, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, and “Pete’s Dragon”) it failed in comparison to the studio’s last heavily marketed live-action remake, “Cinderella”, which managed to open to $67.9M. Experts expect “Dumbo” to gross around $145M in its domestic run, which would put it as a failure for Disney.

Second at the box office was Jordan Peele’s “Us”, which dipped 53% in audience from its first week. The film still managed to pull in $33.6M, narrowly missing out on upsetting the Disney machine. Domestically the film has grossed $128M and reassures studios that Peele can print them money. Next week the horror film will square off against the Stephen King remake “Pet Semetary”.

In third place Disney managed another win with “Captain Marvel” pulling in $20.5M in its fourth weekend. The comic book title has now grossed $353M domestically, with the film now totaling $990M worldwide. The film is expected to cross the $1B threshold in the next few days, becoming the seventh Marvel film to do so.

Fourth place at the weekend box office belongs to the CBS Films drama “Five Feet Apart”, which has shown some serious staying power. The film pulled in $6.25M domestically, totaling 35M in its four weeks. Worldwide the film has made $50M.

Rounding out the top five was the Christian drama film “Unplanned”. A film about anti-abortion. The film brought in 6.1M, which is impressive considering the film had virtually no marketing. Several television channel providers refused to show ads for the film due to the film’s message and content.

Here is the rest of the top 10:

6. “Wonder Park” – $4.9M ($37.8M)

7. “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” – $4.2M ($152.9M)

8. “Hotel Mumbai” – $3.1M (new)

9. “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral” – $2.7M” ($70M)

10. “The Beach Bum” – $1.8M (new)


Disney and Marvel continue to reign supreme, a random animated film bombs, CBS Films latest release does better than expected, and more!

Marvel Studios “Captain Marvel” was a force to be reckoned with in its second domestic box office weekend.  The film brought in $68 million, bringing its two week domestic total to $264.8 million, becoming the fastest Marvel film to pass the $250 million mark.  The numbers for “Captain Marvel” in its second week were easily good enough for the number one spot over the weekend.  The films audience dipped -54.8% from its first weekend, but it’s a feat all its own that it still managed to gross nearly $70 million with a drop in viewers that large.  The worldwide box office for “Captain Marvel” has now crossed $760 million.  That is currently good enough for the number 10 spot in the hierarchy of Marvel films, and being that it’s going into its third weekend it’s safe to assume that the film will eventually cross the $1 billion threshold at some point.

Second place at the weekend box office belongs to the Paramount Animation title “Wonder Park” bringing in a better than expected $16 million.  The film brought in $4.3 million in oversees viewers for a worldwide box office debut of $20.3 million.  While better than anticipated, the film likely cost three times that much, so the weekend’s results are still disappointing.

The CBS Films indie drama “Five Feet Apart” came in third place with a $13.1 million debut.  Given the film was not marketed much – if at all – and does not carry a bonafide star actor, the mid-range debut has got to have made CBS Films ecstatic.  The film’s debut is good enough for the fourth best opening for a CBS Film and will likely end up being the studios number one box office grosser by the time the films run ends.

Dreamworks Animation’s “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” continued its impressive early year run with a fourth place finish, bringing in $9.3 million.  This result brings the film’s domestic total to $135.5 million, with a worldwide box office gross of $466.4 million.  Given that the film cost $129 million to make, the Dreamworks film is the biggest box office surprise of 2019 so far.

Rounding out the top five was the Tyler Perry comedy “A Madea Family Funeral” with $8 million, bringing its domestic total to $59 million.  The film series continues to print money for Tyler Perry and Lionsgate Studios.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 figured out:

6. “No Manches Frida 2” –                                                        $3.8 million – debut

7. “Captive State” –                                                                     $3.1 million – debut

8. “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” –                             $2.1 million – Total $101.3 million

9. “Alita: Battle Angel” –                                                            $1.9 million – Total $81.8 million

10. “Green Book” –                                                                     $1.2 million – Total $82.6 million

The weekend box office numbers for January 13-15, 2012 are out and as it turns out Mark Wahlberg can still hypnotize you and steal your hard earned money.  Tough luck.

A quick recap sees Disney raping everyone’s wallet with nostalgia, Tom Cruise still has it, Joyful Noise was anything but, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo continues to struggle, and how the eff did Alvin and Chipmunks make so much damn money…stop seeing that damn movie!  Dammit!

Here are the numbers for this weekend:

*Numbers in millions* (total)

1) Contraband – $24.1 (NEW)

2) Beauty and the Beast 3D – $18.5 (NEW)

3) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – $11.5 ($186.7)

4) Joyful Noise – $11.3 (NEW)

5) Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows – $8.4 ($170.0)

6) The Devil Inside – $7.9 ($46.2)

7) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) – $6.8 ($87.9)

8) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – $5.8 ($118.7)

9) War Horse – $5.6 ($65.7)

10) The Iron Lady – $5.3 ($5.9)