‘The Flash’ getting a pilot for CW

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Television

Stand back kiddos, The Flash will soon be coming to a television set near you.  However, you’ll get your first look at the character on the CW Network in an upcoming episode of Arrow where The Flash – also known as Barry Allen – makes an appearance.

It’s not known whether or not the speedy character will be donning his trademark red suit in the Arrow episode but if you don’t get to see him in costume there you’ll be able to see the superhero in all of his glory in an upcoming CW pilot.   Yep, the speed demon is getting his own show even before audiences have a chance to react to the character in the Arrow episode.  Apparently the CW studio decision makers have seen the upcoming Arrow episodes that co-star The Flash (played by Grant Gustin – who may be best known as Sebastian Smythe in Glee) and they liked the direction so much they immediately ordered a pilot episode starring the character.

The series creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg will keep The Flash‘s story arc and setting in the same universe as Arrow, allowing cross-over episodes and guest appearances by common characters.  While Arrow is a procedural series it remains to be seen whether or not Flash would be as well.

While I like the idea of The Flash getting his own show, I don’t know if the character is interesting enough to draw the audience that Arrow has built.  That, also, remains to be seen.  I kindof wished they would have saved a spin0ff show for Nightwing, who is set to be introduced in Arrow later this season.

Whatever, I’ll be tuning in.

Via Cinemablend


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