‘Gotham’ series coming to FOX starring Commissioner Gordon

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Television

Warner Bros. and FOX have struck a deal that will bring a Commissioner Gordon origin story titled Gotham to the small screen.  The show was created by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist) in partnership with Warner Bros. TV.

The show will establish the character of Detective James Gordon and the evil that stirred in Gotham City long before Bruce Wayne or Batman were putting away baddies in Arkham Asylum.  As a matter of fact, Batman will no be present in any of the 13 episodes that WB/FOX have greenlit.   The show will showcase Gordon before he became police commissioner and hopefully establish and examine the relationship he has with his wife and young children.

James Gordon is one of the more popular side characters in comic book history and Gotham City as an environment hasn’t really been explored either on film or in television.  Depending on the young actor they get to play Gordon I will be 100% behind this project.  However, as Marvel/ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (the pilot episode aired tonight) showed, it’s hard to tell a story with a HUGE background without major characters.

You may remember Warner Bros. last big comic book television hit, Smallville, as it originally started on the Warner Bros. network which later turned into The CW.  Smallville was a hit, but it starred a major comic book character and was a bit of an origin story.  Gotham, in order to be successful, will need to establish the character of James Gordon and then establish some of Batman’s early nemesis before they actually became well known.  Could you imagine Gordon going up against the serial killer known only by his calling card, a playing card.  Or maybe a younger Oswald Cobblepot trying to establish his empire.  Either way, they’ll need to be smart about it.

Only time will tell.


Via Deadline


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