Report: Matt Damon could be heading back to the ‘Bourne’ franchise

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Movies

Rejoice, action fans, as – if certain reports are to believed – Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass could be returning to the Bourne spy/action franchise.

According to to Twitch Film Universal is in talks to bring both Damon and director Greengrass back to the franchise.  It was widely known back in 2007 – after The Bourne Ultimatum – that Damon made his feelings known that he had no intention of returning to the Bourne franchise without famed director Greengrass.  However, Greengrass had made it known that he had no intention of returning the franchise either way.  So, naturally, five years later we got The Bourne Supremacy with Jeremy Renner as star.  While Renner wasn’t a bad star for the franchise’s new direction, bringing back Damon and Renner with Greengrass directing could prove to be one of the better action films of the past decade.

While the first question is what happens to Renner’s character “Aaron Cross”, the site makes it known that Universal isn’t looking at doing away with Renner, instead they’re looking at a team up film that has both Damon and Renner coming together to take down the government agency that created them.

Universal has already hired Anthony Peckham (Invictus/Sherlock Holmes) to write the screenplay for the untitled fifth Bourne film.  Greengrass’ next film is Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks, while Damon’s most recent film was Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium and is in the upcoming George Clooney film The Monument Men.

Universal has denied that they are in talks to bring back Damon and Greengrass, however I’ll keep you all posted.


Via CinemaBlend


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