RUMOR: Live-action ‘Batman Beyond’ a possibility for next Batman film

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Movies

Everyone wants to know what’s next for the caped crusader, the Dark Knight, the masked vigilante – the Batman – on film?  Well, after a lot false rumors (this could be another one, be forewarned) and teases, it looks like Warner Bros. could be thinking about putting Batman Beyond on the big screen…live-action style.

According to fansite Batman On Film, the movie studio is exploring the idea of bringing an old Bruce Wayne to “Neo Gotham” and having him mentor a young high school kid to take over as Batman.  That kid, Terry McGinnis, dons a futuristic Batman suit and fights crime when he’s not attending school.  The site claims that if a Batman Beyond film was to be made, it would have nothing to do with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, set in a ultra serious Gotham City.

If, and that’s a big if, a Batman Beyond film was to be made here are some of my thoughts as to what they should do with it:

1) Cater to the fans – Go all out and cast some of the best actors Hollywood has.  My thought would be to get Clint Eastwood to play old Bruce Wayne and Jaden Smith to play Terry McGinnis.   Now, casting a young black actor as the next Batman is a different route to take, mainly because it’s never been done before.  Never has a studio changed the race of such a prominent superhero.  We’ve heard rumors about how Donald Glover was in the running to be cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man – but he wasn’t.  We’ve heard thoughts about making a certain superhero (Spider-Man) a homosexual – but that’ll never happen.   Why not make the next Batman – and by Batman I mean only in spirit because the role would be for teenager Terry McGinnis – the next young promising teen actor?  Jaden Smith has already starred in two very big films – The Karate Kid and After Earth – and he’s worked along some of films greatest stars (Jackie Chan/Will Smith).  So why not?  Smith has already shown on film that he has the acting skill to portray a young male filled with angst and annoyance.  It’s an interesting contrast, but one I think would really work.   Smith is 15 years old right now, by the time a Batman Beyond film got off the ground he’d probably be 17 – which is the exact age of McGinnis in the animated show.

2) Get a director that has a futuristic vision – Guillermo del Toro immediately comes to mind.  He’s already established another comic book identity with Hellboy and did a fantastic job.  He certainly brought Hellboy’s world to life and continues to be a visionary for film making.  Oh yea, he’s also got a great working relationship with Warner Bros.  So there’s that.  Other directors that come to mind are Doug Liman (the Bourne franchise), Neill Blomkamp (District 9/Elysium), Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy/Oblivion), and Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban/Children of Men).  I’d be ecstatic with any of those choices.

3) Establish distance between Batman Beyond and Christopher Nolan’s films – Nolan brought a realism to the character we’ve never seen before from any superhero/comic book adaptation.  His movies were great.  But leave them in their own universe.  There is no reason why Terry McGinnis – living in a future Gotham city – has to be portrayed the same way as Christian Bale’s character was.  Use this opportunity to evolve Batman as a character.  Make him detestable (which is what McGinnis portrays himself as when we first meet him) and unlikeable at first glance.  Make old Bruce Wayne broken down and grouchy (Clint Eastwood playing Clint Eastwood?).   Have a vision for what type of villains you want to be in your films and the problems/resolutions you’ll have between your main characters.  After all, Wayne pretty much takes on a “fatherly” role once him and McGinnis get to working together.   This Batman Beyond film does not have to  a part of a larger plan.

4) There were only three seasons to the original animated show, explore beyond that – There’s only three (four?) seasons worth of Batman Beyond source material, which means that Warner Bros. and whatever director they choose to employ could really go wild with ideas on a story and how to build “Neo Gotham”.


This probably all rumor, but it’s fun to think about.



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