‘The Seventh Son’ trailer brings Jeff Bridges fighting demons

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Movies

Jeff Bridges has been on a – what I would call – whimsical acting journey the past couple of years.  The Big Lebowski actor has a new film releasing next week, R.I.P.D., co-starring Ryan Reynolds, which can only be described as a Men in Black knock-off.  It’s a fantasy action title that brings Jeff Bridges to a new acting territory.  However, Bridges must have liked what he saw with the action genre as he’s got another fantasy action title slated for release early 2014. 

The Seventh Son stars Bridges as John Gregory, a man for hire who fights and wards off demons and evil spirits but is looking forward to retirement.  He meets a young man, who – like the title suggests – is the seventh son of a seventh son, and is tasked with apprenticing under Gregory.  Julianne Moore stars as the film’s villain, an evil sorceress who wants nothing more than to destroy the world. 

This is the first film I can think of that has Bridges strictly in the action role, and for an actor at his age it’s hard to get behind the idea of The Dude fighting evil spirits.  The Seventh Son was originally due to release in October but Warner Bros. and Legendary decided to delay the film to a January 2014 release. 





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