Nicolas Cage & John Cusack star in ‘The Frozen Ground’ trailer

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Movies, Trailers

Nicolas Cage is, well – um, Nicolas Cage.  I think everyone in Hollywood has pretty much accepted the fact that Cage makes films straight for money these days.  Hell, whenever you can put out three or more films in a year…you’re doing it strictly for the dough.  Then there’s John Cusack, who’s career started out strong, then it went into the shitter, then he disappeared for a little while, and now he’s back making second rate films that are better off going straight to ON DEMAND.

Now you have both of these actors in the same damn movie – The Frozen Ground.  Warning, your head may explode at seeing both of these guys (who look incredibly alike these days) on the screen at the same time.   Throw in former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens – who’s in her “hey look at me, I’m an adult now – I can make movies where I flash my tits” phase – and you’ve got yourself one helluva B rate cinematic masterpiece.   Who cares what the plot is about – Cage is a cop hunting down Cusack’s serial killer who kidnaps Hudgens, who happens to be a stripper – well actually, the plot makes this movie even more appealing.  All we’re missing is Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Wahlberg – a couple of other guys who have just been making movies to make them lately.

I will give the trailer credit though, it makes the movie look way more appealing than it should and probably is.  Kudos to the guy who edited that one.

The film will be releasing in theaters in August, also ON DEMAND as well.


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