‘Runner, Runner’ trailer stars Justin Timberlake & Ben Affleck

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Movies, Trailers

Justin Timberlake’s acting career has been mostly positive; a couple of rom-coms, a couple of action flicks, a role in an Oscar nominated drama.  All’s been well for Timberlake for quite some time, however I don’t know if his newest film – Runner, Runner – will continue that trend.

Timberlake plays Richie Furst, a very bright but broke college student who gets involved in online poker.  However, his luck turns for the worse when he’s cheated out of money by an off-shore business man, Ivan Bloke (played by Ben Affleck).  From the looks of things, Furst arranges a sit down with Bloke to discuss why he was cheated out of money.  Bloke employs Furst to win him some money in real life poker games but things go south and Furst has fight for his life.

All in all, Runner, Runner looks like your generic action-thriller with two big names.  It doesn’t look like something I would pay to go see in the theaters.  To each his own though.

The film is out on September 27, 2013.


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