Report: Sam Mendes returning for ‘Bond 24’, likely for ‘Bond 25’ as well

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Movies

Put all your Christopher Nolan rumors to bed, folks, it looks like Sony has backed up the Brinks trucks to Sam Mendes’ front door to get him to return to the director’s chair for Bond 24.  It was widely reported months ago that Mendes would not be returning to the Bond franchise after his film, Skyfall, became the all-time highest grossing Bond film and one of Sony’s top grossing films as well.  It was a bit odd that Mendes would abandon Bond at the height of the character’s popularity, but we can all rest easy now.   Showbizz411 is reporting that Mendes is locked up to direct the Skyfall follow up and is in current talks to direct Bond 25 as well.

It was reported, just a month ago, that The Dark Knight Trilogy director – Christopher Nolan – was in talks with Sony to direct Bond 24 but needed some nudging to accept the job.  Nolan would have been a “splash” hire as director as he is much sought after for his flair for directing action sequences and his original story-telling.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  However, Mendes is a great hire as he knows Daniel Craig and he knows the James Bond character.  Mendes completely rebooted the Bond character in Skyfall and has a ways to go with the character, I believe, before he calls it quits.

Bond 24 has a tentative date for 2016.

Via Collider


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