‘Prisoners’ debut trailer

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Movies, Trailers

Hugh Jackman isn’t that involved in doing heavy dramatic acting, but when he’s on – he’s on.  As seen in Les Misérables, the man knows his way around the acting yard (as proved with his Best Actor Oscar nomination).  So it’s always refreshing when he chooses the drama route opposed to the action/sci-fi way.

Prisoners stars Hugh Jackman as a father of two who goes to a friend’s (Terrance Howard & Viola Davis) house for dinner with his wife (Maria Bello).  Jackman and Howard’s kids go outside to play and disappear, the trailer alluding to the fact that they were abducted by a man (Paul Dano) driving an old motor home.  A manhunt ensues with Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead detective on the case.  It looks like your run of the mill mystery thriller but with this many great actors (Jackman, Howard, Davis, and Gyllenhaal have all been nominated for Oscars) your run-of-the-mill film can’t help but be good.

Or so we hope.

The film is out on September 20.



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