Box office weekend – ‘Great Gatsby’ only so great in second place

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Movies

One Iron Man to rule them all still stands true in the film’s second week by topping the box office this weekend.  The Marvel Studios film managed to pull in nearly $76M in its second week, making it the studios second largest film in its history and gives Iron Man 3 a total of $285M to date.  It’s on track for nearly $500M by the end of summer.  That’s huge domestically mainly because the film has already made more than half of that overseas.

Second this weekend was the stylish rendition of The Great Gatsby, which – while being in second place – still pulled in nearly $52M.  It’s a hearty feat by a number two film, make no doubt.  Considering the film had three major film stars (Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan) and likely cost over $100M to make, half that its first week certainly isn’t bad.

Third at the box office this weekend was the Michael Bay buddy comedy Pain & Gain which only brought in $5M.  After several weeks on top, Michael Bay served his time in the spotlight.  The film will likely struggle to pass the $50M mark in the next month with more big budget films set to release.  The film has made $41M in three weeks.

Rounding out the top five this weekend was Tyler Perry’s Peeples and the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.  The film’s brought in $5M and $4.6M.

Here’s the full top 10:

*numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Iron Man 3 – $72.4 ($284.8)

2) The Great Gatsby – $51.1 (NEW)

3) Pain and Gain – $5 ($41.6)

4) Tyler Perry Presents Peeples – $4.8 (NEW)

5) 42 – $4.6 ($84.7)

6) Oblivion – $3.8 ($81.6)

7) The Croods – $3.6 ($173.2)

8) The Big Wedding – $2.5 ($18.2)

9) Mud – $2.3 ($8.3)

10) Oz the Great and Powerful – $0.8 ($229.8)


Via Box Office Mojo


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