‘Gravity’ gets first trailer, highlights everyone’s worst space fear

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Movies, Trailers

From the film Solaris, because dammit George just looks good in a shiny space helmet.

The first trailer for the much anticipated Alphonso Cuaron sci-fi flick which depicts two astronauts lost in space, Gravity, has finally been released.  The film stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock who are astronauts on a routine space walk mission attempting to fix the outside of what looks like the international space station.  Something goes wrong, things blow up, and the two main characters are on their own…in space.

The film, which debuts in October, has been anticipated since it was announced several months ago that there would be only five credited actors in the entire film.  The trailer highlights stunning visuals but also keeps true trailer form by not revealing any of the plot.  Too many movie trailers these days let you know the entire film before you watch it, so it’s refreshing to see a trailer that knows how to captivate while keeping everything hidden.

Of course the film’s draw are its two main actors but fans of Cuaron, who’s last film was the much-loved Children of Men, will flock to see this one as well.  Sandra Bullock has been drawing rave reviews from those who have seen the film early for her performance.  Could this be the vehicle she needs to take her to her second Academy Award win?


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