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I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy The Expendables 2, however it wasn’t as charming as the original title nor did it have the same grittiness that many enjoyed.  It did make tons and tons of money and I did enjoy the way it added more over-the-top action and thrills along the way.  Bruce Willis and Ahhhhnold were a nice touch.

News from Deadline today mention that former 90’s action star, now making a new movie every month Nicolas Cage is in talks to join The Expendables 3 cast.  Nic Cage is such an over-the-top actor that his addition to this cast makes the most sense of all.  Other actors joining the cast as well is Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes (fresh out of prison!) as well as Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich.

Sylvester Stallone is writing the script and he’s hired Red Hill director Patrick Hughes to helm the film.

The four new actors join Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and the rest of the crew.

And if you needed a reminder as to why Nic Cage is perfect for this film, I give you the best Nic Cage scene of all time.

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It’s Memorial Day, families are gathering, burgers are cooking, kids are swimming and apparently everyone is flocking to the cinemaplex.   Jeremy Lin’s Fast & Furious 6 opened this weekend to much fanfare, being billed as the most action packed title of the franchise.  Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and The Rock all reunited for the sixth title in the series – what I like to call The Avengers of car racing – for a four-day total of $120M.

Fast & Furious 6 is already the best opening title in the franchise is poised to make over $200M this summer.   With a budget of $160M, Universal is poised to make their money back and then some.

Second this weekend at the box office was the disappointing The Hangover Part III, which pulled in $51M over the four days.  It’s a disappointing turnout for the supposed final film in the trilogy.  Compare this opening to the $80M The Hangover Part II made in 2011.

Third at the cinema’s this weekend was J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Into Darkness, which continued it’s good showing with $47M.  The movie’s second week brought it’s total up to $155M.  The film actually started its second week in more theaters than its first week, which is rather odd for a summer blockbuster.

Rounding out the top five at the movies was Blue Sky Stuios’ Epic and Iron Man 3.  The film’s brought in $42M and $24M respectively.

Here’s the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Fast & Furious 6 – $120 (NEW)

2) The Hangover Part III – $51.2 ($63)

3) Star Trek Into Darkness – $47 ($155.8)

4) Epic – $42.6 (NEW)

5) Iron Man 3 – $24.3 ($372.4)

6) The Great Gatsby – $17 ($117.7)

7) Mud – $2.4 ($15)

8) The Croods – $1.6 ($179.6)

9) 42 – $1.6 ($91.4)

10) Oblivion – $1 ($87.5)


Via Box Office Mojo

It takes pretty lofty expectations for a film that makes nearly $85M its opening weekend to be considered a “disappointment”.  But that’s exactly what Star Trek Into Darkness‘ expectations have done.  J.J. Abrams follow up to 2009’s blockbuster brought in $85M through four days (Thursday-Sunday) – and has made the same amount of money through the same time frame as the original film.  The film has made nearly $160M worldwide, while it cost $190M to make.

Number two at the box office this weekend was Marvel’s Iron Man 3, which pulled in another $35M.  The weekend brought the blockbuster’s three week total up to $337M domestically.  Globally the film has made nearly $1.1B, which is just mind numbing.

Third at the cinema this weekend was The Great Gatsby, which pulled in $23M.  The weekend total brought the film’s two week total up to $90M.  The Great Gatsby cost $105M to make.

Rounding out the top five this weekend was Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain and The Croods.  The film’s made $3.1M and $2.7M, respectively.

Here’s the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Star Trek Into Darkness – $84 (NEW)

2) Iron Man 3 – $35.1 ($337)

3) The Great Gatsby – $23.4 ($90.1)

4) Pain and Gain – $3.1 ($46.5)

5) The Croods – $2.7 ($176.7)

6) 42 – $2.7 ($88.7)

7) Oblivion – $2.2 ($85.5)

8) Mud – $2.1 ($11.5)

9) Tyler Perry’s Peeples – $2.1 ($7.8)

10) The Big Wedding – $1.1 ($20.1)


Via Box Office Mojo

A tale about fathers, family and fate – The Place Beyond the Pines studies how interconnected two families become after a bank robbery goes wrong.

Director Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) tells the tale of Luke (Ryan Gosling, a stunt motorcycle rider who turns to a life of crime as a way to provide for a newborn son he didn’t know he had.  The mother of his child, played by Eva Mendes (where as she been lately?), thinks he’s changed but after Luke has a run-in with Mendes new flame, Kofi (Mahershala Ali), Luke is sent to jail.  Once he’s out on bail he decides the only way to win his former love back is to provide solely for his newborn child.  After a robbery gone bad, Luke’s life takes a turn for the worse at the hand of a local beat cop, Avery Scott (Bradley Cooper).  The events following the botched robbery will forever change both Avery’s family and Luke’s.

The movie is very much Cooper’s but the best scenes come from when Gosling is on screen, which is only for a good third of the film.  It’s just a testament to the kindof actor that Gosling is.  Don’t get me wrong, Cooper does a fine job playing a good cop gone bad gone good again, but he just doesn’t chew scenes like Baby Goose.  Ray Liotta plays yet another dirty cop (doesn’t he always?) while Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Flight) plays a district attorney who prosecutes dirty cops.  The supporting cast is fantastic but they don’t get enough screen time either.

The film takes a leap in time – 15 years in fact – where both main characters kids are teenagers – and examines how the effects of the past have on the next generation of our family’s.  It’s an ambitious way to tell a story but the film’s last act really gets lost and both young actors, Dane DeHaan & Emory Cohen, are in way over their head (although I’m a big fan of DeHaan).  The film’s last act really takes Cooper out of his element and makes him shell of the character he played for the entire movie.

The Place Beyond the Pines is an excellent movie for about an hour and a half, but after that it gets lost in its own story.


If you’re a fan of cinema, then you’re a fan of the James Bond franchise.  Plain and simple.  Here lately James Bond has been reinvented as a working man just trying to save the world with Daniel Craig in the titular role.  Just last year Skyfall became the all time top grossing James Bond film with over $300M made.  The franchise is no longer in need of saving, but that’s not stopping Sony from getting ready to offer one of Hollywood’s top directors reigns over Bond.

According to BleedingCool, James Bond producer Barbara Brocolli and Michael G. Wilson are set to offer Christopher Nolan the directing gig for Bond 24Skyfall director Sam Mendes has stated time and again that he does not want to return to the Bond universe (presumably because he didn’t have much fun last go around), so that leaves the producers looking to one up their last outing.

The Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye has stated that “informal talks” have begun between Nolan and the Bond runners.  However, nothing is imminent at this point.  Christopher Nolan has long been an admirer of James Bond star Daniel Craig for quite some time.  Nolan would make complete sense as the Bond franchise has never been more popular, while Nolan has a knack for big budget action titles.  Directing the Dark Knight trilogy while also shooting Inception and next year’s Interstellar have firmly placed Christopher Nolan as the top director in Hollywood.

Christopher Nolan has never been a director to go from project to project, as his Batman films were nearly three years apart from one another.  Filming Interstellar next year would likely require Nolan to immediately follow that up with Bond 24.  That alone may be enough for Nolan to pass on the offer.  However, directing a Bond film would cement Nolan’s place in film history.  That alone may be enough for him to commit.

Right now, talks are early but I’m hopeful.

Trekkies unite!  J.J. Abrams is back with his follow up to the hit to the 2009 hit and the action is bigger and better than ever.  While most of the film has the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in peril – being chased, shot at, falling out of space – and the title would suggest “Into Darkness” as an ominous setting, there’s a surprisingly good amount of humor as well.

Into Darkness stars Chris Pine reprising his role of Captain James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock attempting to track down a ruthless killer into uncharted space.  Meanwhile, Starfleet is being conned (get it?) by someone with immense power luring the federation into galactic war with a storied planet.

That’s really all I’m going to say about the plot because saying too much else would spoil Abrams’ attempts at keeping a certain individuals identity a secret.  What I will say though is Abrams future is super bright concerning the Star Wars universe.  It’s a shame he can’t do both franchises, mainly because he’s so gifted with telling a cool story while keeping the audience engaged in the plot.  Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison, the killer that Kirk and his crew are tracking across the galaxy, and he’s probably the most interesting character in the film and he chews scenes as good as Hannibal Lecter.

However engaging Cumberbatch is, he’s not given too much dialogue to work with and I didn’t like that.  He’s a character that you instantly want to hear his back story.  He’s someone you want to hear talk because you’re immersed into what he’s selling.  While his role in the film is controversial and J.J. Abrams has gone to lengthy means to include the character, he’s just not on screen enough.

Don’t get me wrong, the film is very much a Kirk vessel and Spock gets his opportunity to shine in Into Darkness, I just think that John Harrison deserved more.  Into Darkness is tons more entertaining than it’s 2009 predecessor (probably because they don’t have to spend half the movie introducing characters) but it’s very much the same.  The characters are just as intriguing this go around and we get more emotion from the entire crew as well.  While the plot gets a bit twisted and convoluted, by the end of the film you don’t much care because you’ve had such a good time.

It’s precisely what summer blockbusters should be, a whopping good time with great characters and grand spectacle.  Abrams probably won’t be returning to the Star Trek universe but he should rest easy knowing he reinvented a franchise that had been dormant for quite some time.

Go see it.

CBS has long held the top spot among networks for drama series and even comedy, and while the channel is often called “network for old people”, they’ve still got tons of quality shows.

Among the new shows added, The Crazy Ones probably holds the most potential with Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Here’s the line up for this fall:

*Click the links for trailers*


8:00pm – “How I Met Your Mother”

8:30pm – “We Are Men

9:00pm – “2 Broke Girls”

9:30pm – “Mom

10:00pm – “Hostages



8:00pm – “NCIS”

9:00pm – “NCIS: Los Angeles”

10:00pm – “Person of Interest”



8:00pm – “Survivor”

9:00pm – “Criminal Minds”

10:00pm – “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”



8:00pm – “The Big Bang Theory”

8:30pm – “The Millers

9:00pm – “The Crazy Ones

9:30pm – Two and a Half Men”

10:00pm – “Elementary”



8:00pm – “Undercover Boss”

9:00pm – “Hawaii Five-0”

10:00pm – “Blue Bloods”



8:00pm – “Comedytime Saturday”

9:00pm – “Comedytime Saturday”

10:00pm – “Crimtime Saturday”



7:00pm – “60 Minutes”

8:00pm – “The Amazing Race”

9:00pm – “The Good Wife”

10:00pm – “The Mentalist”