Could Mel Gibson direct ‘The Expendables 3’?

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Movies

I’m a huge fan of everything Mel Gibson does, mainly because he’s a likeable guy on camera.  Yea, yea, I know the guy’s a huge dick off camera and everyone basically hates him but he’s a great actor and an even better director.  Did you see BraveheartPassion of the ChristApocalypto?  Dude’s got talent.  He hasn’t directed a film since Apocalypto but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been looking for the right film.

Fast forward to The Expendables franchise, Sylvester Stallone’s action romp that stars classic action film actors from Bruce Willis to Stallone to Jason Statham.  Through two films we’ve had numerous actors from classic action movies but we haven’t had one of the most influential action actors of the past 30 years – Mel Gibson.  And now we might know why.

Firstshowing has a report that Stallone may be considering Gibson as director of The Expendables 3.   The report points to a couple of Tweets by Stallone recently stating that he’d like to gauge Gibson’s interest in coming on board.   The first tweet states;

What about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES FIVE???

Five seems to be skipping three and four, but I’d still be on board.  However, Stallone later tweeted that he’s interested in Gibson for the third film;

No, I was kidding about, but seriously, what about Mel Gibson directing EXPENDABLES 3?  Opinions anyone?  Curious…

It’s not far fetched that if Stallone is wondering out loud about Gibson that he’s reached out to the controversial star about the third film.

Hopefully this happens.


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