Legendary film critic Roger Ebert passes away at age 70

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Movies, Television

When you think about inspirational authors most people come up with C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Tolkien, and many more.  When I think about printed inspirations, my mind comes to Roger Ebert.  The legendary film critic passed away today at the age of 70 after an extremely lengthy battle with cancer.  It was a fight that took him from the limelight to the shadows but cancer couldn’t keep him from reviewing films and passing along his wisdom.

When I think of a Mount Rushmore of film Roger Ebert’s critical face is the first one that pops up.  He was the godfather of reviews, even more than that he helped many generations of movie watchers and film aficionado’s find their passion for cinema.  He helped this blogger grow to love motion pictures – even if I didn’t always agree with his reviews.  He won a Pulitzer Prize for his work reviewing movies and grew to be immensely popular among even the most casual of film viewers.

His weekly television show with long time reviewer Gene Siskel became a deciding factor in whether or not family’s would gather up at the multi-plex to see that new release.  Even after Siskel’s death in 1999, Ebert continued the show with Richard Roeper ultimately until the show was canceled in 2008.

Ebert had his difficulties in his battle with cancer, most notably having part of his jaw removed, but that never stopped him from loving movies.  His passion for film was truly infectious and inspiring.  Even at the age of 27 I one day hope that I can win a Pulitzer Prize for watching movies and writing about what I love.  However, I know that’s not likely to happen so I relied on living vicariously through Ebert’s contagious view on film.

The film world will be a much lonelier place without Roger Ebert, but for a life lived full of humor and passion I give that two thumbs up.  Rest in peace.


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