James Mangold apologizes for ‘The Wolverine’ teaser-teaser

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Movies

Yesterday a six second clip from an upcoming trailer for The Wolverine was leaked and the footage revealed some major casting spoilers that probably didn’t have to be unveiled just yet.  The internet was in an uproar over yet another teaser for a teaser to the film which led to the movie’s director, James Mangold, taking to Twitter to apologize.

“I misinterpreted THE WOLVERINE roll out. We are going directly from Tweaser to full 2min Teaser tomorrow. No in-betweenty. Sorry!”

The clip, released via Vine, shows some Wolverine action but also revealed Famke Janssen reprising her character of Jean Grey/Pheonix.  Grey is a character that we’ve grown close to in the past X-Men but was not known to be in the upcoming The Wolverine film.   Mangold himself has said that The Wolverine takes place after the X-Men have disbanded and stated that there is a sense of “isolation” to “Logan”.

Janssen’s role could be more of a dream sequence/mirage type based on the scene from the clip, but yet we don’t know.  The full trailer is set to be unleashed tomorrow.

For now you can gaze at the film’s new movie poster:


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