Topanga’s Maxim shoot causes stir at Disney

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Television

Thirteen years ago the ABC channel hit family comedy Boy Meets World had its series finale thus ending an era where TGIF on ABC ruled Friday night television.  It was a sad time for ‘tweens everywhere, but not because BMW ended – the show is probably more popular now than it ever was while it was running – but because young boys everywhere would never see Topanga Lawrence-Matthews ever again.   Then news hit late last year that The Walt Disney Company was putting feelers out regarding a BMW spin-off show titled Girl Meets World and would star Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage (reprising their roles as Topanga and Corey) as the parents of a young pre-teen girl much in the mold of BMW.  It was genius and the idea was so well received by original show creator Michael Jacobs that nearly everyone from the original cast – since none of them have been seen – was quickly on board with the spin-off show.

That brings us to Danielle Fishel’s re-found fame as soon-to-be cable TV’s newest MILF.  Fishel, after BMW ended, wasn’t seen much in Hollywood, gained a few pounds and was quickly forgotten.  However, BMW’s syndication on nearly every cable TV network prompted Disney to float the spin-off idea and approach Fishel about starring in it.  So now we’ve got Maxim magazine’s April issue featuring a very sexy Fishel on the cover and an entire spread of racy photos with Fishel’s interview letting some cast secrets out of the bag.  Fishel stated that there was once a flight to Disney World where the casts of all of TGIF’s hit shows – Boy Meets World, Full House, Step by Step, and Family Matters – were on the same plane and Bob Saget (Danny Tanner, Full House) went around asking everyone on the plane if they had some “coke”.  Fishel stated that she was only a young girl at the time and that she was with her parents.  Now, since Full House ended we’ve come to learn that Saget is a bit of an asshole.  Asking the parents of a teenage girl, with said girl present, if they’ve got any blow probably isn’t the smoothest idea in the wold.

Well, suffice to say, Disney was not aware of that whole ordeal until Fishel’s interview with Maxim and according to Deadline, Disney was contemplating pulling Girl Meets World from the company’s upcoming Disney Channel presentation Upfront.  The site states that Fishel’s racy photos and subsequent airing of Saget’s cocaine problem caused a big commotion atop Disney’s hierarchy.   While nothing is concrete and Disney is not pleased with how Fishel reintroduced herself to the world, reports indicate that The Disney Channel is still planning on making Girl Meets World their bread and butter at the upcoming Upfront presentation.   Said one Disney spokesperson;

“While the project is a pilot, and hasn’t yet filmed, it will then be put through focus group testing so we won’t know if it will be a series for months to come — however, because we are excited about it, we are taking the unusual step of including it during Disney Media’s presentation to advertisers. Gary Marsh will make that presentation.”

I’m excited about Girl Meets World but I really wish Disney had opted to put the show back on ABC – even slotting it on Friday nights to rekindle that former TGIF love – as I don’t think they are going to get the desired results slotting it on The Disney Channel.  However, nothing is guaranteed right now as the show is only slated for a pilot episode and won’t get greenlit for a series until weeks after the pilot airs.  So we shall see.

In the meantime, here are the Maxim pictures of Danielle Fishel looking fine:





















































































































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