Weekend Box Office – Never underestimate the power of McCarthy

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Movies

For all of you out there that doubted Melissa McCarthy as an A-list actress need to think long and hard about your life.  Idiots!  McCarthy has quickly established herself as a go-to comedian when it comes to film.  She’s the new Seth Rogen, but you know – with a vagina.  Either way, her raunchy comedy with Jason Bateman (which wasn’t reviewed tremendously well) – Identity Thief – has now been on top of the two weekends out of its first three.  Deal with it!

The film, which was number two last week, stormed back to the top with $14M, bringing its three week total to nearly $94M.  Yep, you can totally bank on McCarthy being an A-lister now.

Second this weekend at the box office was The Rock’s new action film, Snitch, which actually (to my surprise) received very favorable reviews.  It’s the first time in a while that Dwayne Johnson has starred – as in the lead – in an action flick that got good reviews.  Hopefully he continues on this trend as he tries to put his kiddie movies in the rearview.  Snitch opened up to $13M.

Third at the box office was the animated feature Escape from Planet Earth, which has not been performing well at the cineplex but gained enough ground to get into the top three.  The animated film from The Weinstein Company made $11M this weekend.

Rounding out the top five at this weekend’s box office was the romantic Nicolas Sparks film Safe Haven and the free-falling Bruce Willis action flick, A Good Day to Die Hard.  The film’s brought in $10.6M and $10M respectively.

Here is the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Identity Thief – $14 ($93.6)

2) Snitch – $13 (NEW)

3) Escape from Planet Earth – $11 ($35.1)

4) Safe Haven – $10.6 ($51.8)

5) A Good Day to Die Hard – $10 ($51.8)

6) Dark Skies – $8.8 (NEW)

7) Silver Linings Playbook – $6 ($107.5)

8) Warm Bodies – $4.7 ($58.2)

9) Side Effects – $3.5 ($25.2)

10) Beautiful Creatures – $3.4 ($16.3)


Via Box Office Mojo


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