Oscar 2013 highlights

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Movies

The 85th Academy Awards were held last night and while you may or may not have tuned in (chances are since you’re reading this nifty blog, you did) here’s a compilation of the show’s highlights.

The night was filled with glamor, Seth McFarlane, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence falling, and more!

We’ll start it off with Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech for winning the Best Actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.  While on her way to the stage she tripped going up the few flights of stairs on to the stage.  However, like always, she took it in stride and made a joke out of it at the podium.  If you watch the video long enough you’ll see Hugh Jackman rush to her aid long after she’s already standing.  Way to be there Hugh, even if you were a little too late.

Host Seth McFarlane opened the show in raunchier-than-usual-for-the-Academy-Awards fashion when he was visited by William Shatner, as Captain James T. Kirk, in a video from the future where Kirk warns McFarlane that he’s about to be called the “worst Oscar host ever” and that he’s going to ruin the show.  The video is then shown where McFarlane is singing a dance number about the different actresses that we’ve seen topless over the years.  McFarlane has always been a wonderful singer but he really commands the stage and it was a great number in all, even if it did seem a bit out of place for the most prestigious night in film.

Then there was Adele’s wonderful performance of her Oscar nominated (and eventual win) song “Skyfall” from the recent James Bond film of the same name.  It’s a wonderful vocal performance and just show’s the kind of presence that Adele has.

Daniel Day-Lewis became the first actor in the history of the Academy Awards to win three Best Actor awards.  It’s an amazing feat by an amazing actor and you have to think, because he is still relatively young, that there will be many more wins for DDL!

Finally there was First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture winner, which went to Argo.  It was a historic event as it was the first winner announced by a member of the First Family.  The acceptance speech by all involved, especially Ben Affleck, was extremely heartfelt and moving.  The Best Director snub – which Affleck makes reference to by “not holding grudges” – really drove this film to the win.


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