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Misery loves company.  See what I did there?  According to reports long time movie star Kathy Bates is set to join the cast of FX’s hit thriller American Horror Story season 3. is reporting that Bates will be playing a friend to Jessica Lange’s character only to have the two become nemesis’ throughout the season.  AHS series co-creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that Lange will be playing a “glamor cat leading lady” in the upcoming season, which is vastly different than the nun (Sister Jude) she played on American Horror Story: Asylum.

Murphy has also stated in the past that season 3 will be more “historically accurate” and take place in modern times, but will still have time piece flash backs.  Season 2 vets such as Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Frances Conroy will also be starring in season 3.

It’s been a while since Bates played a villain, could be some must see television.


Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar gig went over like a mixed bag Sunday night, but for the most part he was an enjoyable feature that brought some mainstream edge to the ceremony.  However, he’s received uncertain reviews in wake of his hosting performance and has even been labeled “sexist” for the song “We Saw Your Boobs” he performed during the show.  So when he took to Twitter to answer some fan questions it was inevitable that his hosting duties would come up.

RT @CrusePhoto: @SethMacFarlane would you host the #Oscars again if asked? // No way.  Lotta fun to have done it, though.

MacFarlane is at the top of Hollywood right now.  He’s coming off the tremendous success of Ted, to the tune of $500M worldwide, and he just recently signed a new two year deal with FOX re-upping his commitment to Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show to the tune of $25M over those two years.  So it’s no surprise that he’s adding “Oscar Host” to his resume in a one-and-done situation.  His next film, A Million Ways to Die in the West, will star himself and Charlize Theron.

MacFarlane is a busy, busy guy these days.  No time for hosting gigs anytime soon.

Via CinemaBlend

Oscars 2013 – Most genuine moments

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Movies

Much of the Academy Awards are pre-rehearsed, and for good reason, but there are certain moments during every show – and even after the show – that make you appreciate what these people do for a living.  We often forget that these actors and actresses are human and can extraordinary things with their human talents.  Whether it’s singing, acting, being star struck by a fellow actor giving you praise…there are just some moments that are more genuine than others.

Last night at the 85th Academy Awards there were a few instances where I was literally awestruck by how awesome these actors and actresses can be.  Here’s a few examples:

The entire cast from the Oscar nominated musical Les Misérables takes the stage at the ceremony to sing live and it sounded absolutely fantastic.  Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne, and Russell Crowe were awesome.  The number just went to show you how good of a movie Les Misérables was and why Jackman and Hathaway were nominated (and won) Oscars.

Then there’s the always goofy but (I believe) sincere Jennifer Lawrence, who officially became one of Hollywood’s brightest stars last night with her Best Actress win for Silver Linings Playbook.  While doing an interview with Good Morning America her interview with crashed by the one and only Jack Nicholson who stopped by to give her praise on her performance and her career.  Keep in mind that Lawrence had never met Nicholson before and was quite literally star-struck by his words of encouragement.  We have come to expect those kind of moments from Jack but to see a young star meet one of the best was kind of awesome.

Ang Lee was a surprise winner last night (well for me anyways) for Best Director for his film Life of Pi.  I really want to think that everyone expected Steven Spielberg to win for Lincoln.  However, win Lee took to the stage to accept his second Best Director Oscar (first was for Brokeback Mountain) you could see the general excitement on his face and in his voice for winning.  Lee is one of the best director’s in Hollywood who occasionally does a stinker but his work on Life of Pi was fantastic and he was a deserving winner.

Channing Tatum can dance, we all know this, hell, we’ve all seen Magic Mike (don’t deny it) so when he took the stage last night with Charlize Theron to a dance number that took Academy members back generations, the number was extremely genuine.  What was even more surprising is how good of a dance Theron is!  Couple that with MacFarlane singing, and I think I’d pay good money to see the three of them on Broadway.


Oscar 2013 highlights

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Movies

The 85th Academy Awards were held last night and while you may or may not have tuned in (chances are since you’re reading this nifty blog, you did) here’s a compilation of the show’s highlights.

The night was filled with glamor, Seth McFarlane, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence falling, and more!

We’ll start it off with Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech for winning the Best Actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.  While on her way to the stage she tripped going up the few flights of stairs on to the stage.  However, like always, she took it in stride and made a joke out of it at the podium.  If you watch the video long enough you’ll see Hugh Jackman rush to her aid long after she’s already standing.  Way to be there Hugh, even if you were a little too late.

Host Seth McFarlane opened the show in raunchier-than-usual-for-the-Academy-Awards fashion when he was visited by William Shatner, as Captain James T. Kirk, in a video from the future where Kirk warns McFarlane that he’s about to be called the “worst Oscar host ever” and that he’s going to ruin the show.  The video is then shown where McFarlane is singing a dance number about the different actresses that we’ve seen topless over the years.  McFarlane has always been a wonderful singer but he really commands the stage and it was a great number in all, even if it did seem a bit out of place for the most prestigious night in film.

Then there was Adele’s wonderful performance of her Oscar nominated (and eventual win) song “Skyfall” from the recent James Bond film of the same name.  It’s a wonderful vocal performance and just show’s the kind of presence that Adele has.

Daniel Day-Lewis became the first actor in the history of the Academy Awards to win three Best Actor awards.  It’s an amazing feat by an amazing actor and you have to think, because he is still relatively young, that there will be many more wins for DDL!

Finally there was First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture winner, which went to Argo.  It was a historic event as it was the first winner announced by a member of the First Family.  The acceptance speech by all involved, especially Ben Affleck, was extremely heartfelt and moving.  The Best Director snub – which Affleck makes reference to by “not holding grudges” – really drove this film to the win.

For all of you out there that doubted Melissa McCarthy as an A-list actress need to think long and hard about your life.  Idiots!  McCarthy has quickly established herself as a go-to comedian when it comes to film.  She’s the new Seth Rogen, but you know – with a vagina.  Either way, her raunchy comedy with Jason Bateman (which wasn’t reviewed tremendously well) – Identity Thief – has now been on top of the two weekends out of its first three.  Deal with it!

The film, which was number two last week, stormed back to the top with $14M, bringing its three week total to nearly $94M.  Yep, you can totally bank on McCarthy being an A-lister now.

Second this weekend at the box office was The Rock’s new action film, Snitch, which actually (to my surprise) received very favorable reviews.  It’s the first time in a while that Dwayne Johnson has starred – as in the lead – in an action flick that got good reviews.  Hopefully he continues on this trend as he tries to put his kiddie movies in the rearview.  Snitch opened up to $13M.

Third at the box office was the animated feature Escape from Planet Earth, which has not been performing well at the cineplex but gained enough ground to get into the top three.  The animated film from The Weinstein Company made $11M this weekend.

Rounding out the top five at this weekend’s box office was the romantic Nicolas Sparks film Safe Haven and the free-falling Bruce Willis action flick, A Good Day to Die Hard.  The film’s brought in $10.6M and $10M respectively.

Here is the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Identity Thief – $14 ($93.6)

2) Snitch – $13 (NEW)

3) Escape from Planet Earth – $11 ($35.1)

4) Safe Haven – $10.6 ($51.8)

5) A Good Day to Die Hard – $10 ($51.8)

6) Dark Skies – $8.8 (NEW)

7) Silver Linings Playbook – $6 ($107.5)

8) Warm Bodies – $4.7 ($58.2)

9) Side Effects – $3.5 ($25.2)

10) Beautiful Creatures – $3.4 ($16.3)


Via Box Office Mojo

Another year of film officially came to an end last night and even though it was a weak(er) year for the cinema, there was enough intrigue in the nominees to keep everyone glued to their television sets (or Twitter).

At the end of the day, Ben Affleck got his revenge on the Academy winning Best Picture for his film Argo and Ang Lee beat our\t Steven Spielberg for Best Director for his film adaptation of Life of Pi.

The big winners last night were Life of Pi who cleaned up with four (4) Oscar trophies, followed by Argo (3) and Les Misérables (3).

It was a well rounded night for sure, but the jury is still out on Seth McFarlane as Oscar host.  What did you think?

Oh yea, I’ll leave my predictions link right here for you to look back on.  I went 18 for 24 last night in awards – that Ang Lee win really knocked me down a peg.  I also stumbled through the set achievement awards.  Oh well.

Here’s the full list of winners:

Best Picture – Argo

Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)

Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables)

Best Director – Ang Lee (Life of Pi)

Best Adapted Screenplay – Chris Terrio (Argo)

Best Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained)

Best Original Song – “Skyfall” Adele (Skyfall)

Best Original Score – Mychael Danna (Life of Pi)

Best Production Design – Lincoln

Best Editing – Argo

Best Sound Editing – Skyfall

Best Sound Mixing – Les Misérables

Best Foreign Language Film – Amour

Best Documentary – Searching for Sugar Man

Best Short Documentary – Inocente

Best Live Action Short Film – Curfew

Best Makeup and Hairstyling – Les Misérables

Best Costume Design – Anna Karenina

Best Visual Effects – Life of Pi

Best Cinematography – Life of Pi

Best Animated Film – Brave

Best Animated Short Film – Paperman


It’s been a while, but don’t look now – in a little over a month’s time we’ll all be glued to our sets on Sunday evenings getting ready for the third season of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones.  And in anticipation of that event, those fine folks over at HBO have released the first full length trailer for the show’s upcoming third season.  In short, it’s fantastic.

However, if you’ve read the books you know this season is not going to end well…and that makes me sad.

Oh well, March 31st HURRY UP!