Weekend box office – Jeremy Renner rides a disappointing weekend to the top

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Movies

Why does Hollywood insist on forcing Jeremy Renner upon the masses?  I get it, he’s been nominated for an Oscar before, it’s OK.  However the dude hasn’t been in a good movie since The Hurt LockerThe Bourne blahblahblah was OK, but that was because it’s a Bourne film, he was merely a sideshow in The Avengers, and now he’s supposed to be comic relief in an action film about Hansel and Gretel?  Please.

Whether we wanted him to or not, Jeremy Renner is a legit A-list actor.  His box office numbers this weekend just prove it.  Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters topped the box office this weekend with $19M.  Now, that may seem like a good well rounded number, but in truth – it really isn’t.  Here in January, the cinemaplex is known as the wasteland.  People really don’t start flocking to the movie theaters again until mid-March.  However studios are getting serious about making their money year-round, so they’re starting to release more big-budget films earlier in the year.  Case in point: Hansel & Gretel.

Second at the box office this weekend was the Jessica Chastain horror flick Mama, which managed to bring in $12.8M.  The fact that the movie, which received mixed reviews, is still going strong is a testament to Chastain’s growing star power.

Third this weekend was Silver Linings Playbook, which continues to do well at the box office given its incredibly limited release back in December.  The film has now made nearly $70M since it’s release and brought in $10M this weekend.  The better it does at the box office the more likely the film will win Best Picture at the Academy Awards at the end of the month.

Rounding out the top five was Chastain’s other Oscar nominated drama, Zero Dark Thirty and Jason Statham’s new stink show Parker.  The film’s made $9.8M and $7M respectively.

Here’s a look at the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – $19 (NEW)

2) Mama – $12.8 ($48.6)

3) Silver Linings Playbook – $10 ($69.4)

4) Zero Dark Thirty – $9.8 ($69.4)

5) Parker – $7 (NEW)

6) Django Unchained – $5 ($146.2)

7) Movie 43 – $5 (NEW)

8) Gangster Squad – $4.2 ($39.6)

9) Broken City – $4 ($15.2)

10) Les Misérables – $3.9 ($137.2)


Via Box Office Mojo


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