Tommy Lee Jones plays Tommy Lee Jones in ‘Emperor’

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Movies, Trailers

Who’s a fan of Tommy Lee Jones?  *scans room – raises hand*  Glad we got that established.  Ever since I can remember Tommy Lee Jones has been acting his ass off in films, but as I’ve gotten older and more wise, I’ve learned that Tommy Lee Jones has just been playing a really good version of himself.  That’s a compliment.

So it’s no surprise when watching the new trailer for Emperor it’s hard not to see every other character Tommy Lee Jones has ever played.  Emperor centers around Generals Douglas MacArthur (Jones) and Bonner Fellers (Matthew Fox) being tasked by the President of the United States of America investigating whether or not Emperor Hirohito ordered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The film takes place after World War II has ended and the Hiroshima bomb was dropped.   The film looks compelling enough to be considered a “must see” but, you know, it’s flown so under the radar this is the first I’m seeing of it.


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