‘Interstellar’ will be Christopher Nolan’s next film

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Movies

Christopher Nolan has found his next project.  The Dark Knight Trilogy director will be directing a science-fiction time travel/alternate dimensions film titled Interstellar.  The story will center around a group of explorers that travel through a wormhole with unexpected results.  Apparently the script was based off of theories developed by Kip Thorne – a theoretical physicist/gravitational physicist/astrophysicist at Caltech.

The movie would be made by Paramount and Warner Bros. under Christopher Nolan’s Syncopy production company (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Insomnia, Inception).  Jonathan Nolan wrote the script.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Steven Spielberg was due to direct Interstellar but dropped the project a while back.  It’s unclear whether or not Spielberg will be involved in the project now that his schedule is cleared up due to his project Robopocalypse falling by the way side.

While a deal has not yet been finalized it is expected to get done.



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