Jason Statham whoops ass in new ‘Parker’ trailer

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Movies, Trailers

Nearly every Jason Statham movie looks like Transporter to me – well except Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.  There’s Statham with that suave accent of his and I guarantee he’ll show up shirtless at some point in his next film, Parker.  It’s a film about a thief (Statham) who actually lives by a code of ethics, but that code is broken when he’s back-stabbed by someone close to him on a job.  He then gets a new identity, flies somewhere warm, meets the fine Jennifer Lopez, and saves the day.

Easy as pie.

There will be over the top stunts, gun action, car chases, and witty Statham one-liners.  Oh yea, Lopez shows up in her underwear as well.  Any more reasons you need to see this next year?  Didn’t think so.

The film is directed by Taylor Hackford (Ray, An Officer and a Gentleman) who doesn’t really do the whole “action” thing very often.  But by the looks of things, he’s got the gist of it down.


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