2012 SAG Award nominations announced

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Movies

The Screen Actors Guild have announced their 2012 award nominations, becoming the first peer group to announce their noms this year.  While the critics groups have pretty much settled in on a consensus of films that should be rewarded, SAG have chosen to go in an entirely different direction altogether.

Here’s the nominations:

Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture

– Argo

– The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

– Les Miserables

– Lincoln

– Silver Linings Playbook

Outstanding Lead Actress

– Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

– Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone)

– Helen Mirren (Hitchcock)

– Naomi Watts (The Impossible)

– Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)

Outstanding Lead Actor

– Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook)

– Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

– John Hawkes (The Sessions)

– Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables)

– Denzel Washington (Flight)

Outstanding Supporting Actress

– Sally Field (Lincoln)

– Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

– Helen Hunt (The Sessions)

– Nicole Kidman (The Paperboy)

– Maggie Smith (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)

Outstanding Supporting Actor

– Alan Arkin (Argo)

– Javier Bardem (Skyfall)

– Robert DeNiro (Silver Linings Playbook)

– Phillip Seymour Hoffman (The Master)

– Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln)

Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

– The Dark Knight Rises

– Skyfall

– The Bourne Legacy

– The Amazing Spider-Man

– Les Miserables


* A few notes; being nominated by your peers in something is much different than being nominated by an outside group.  Such is the case with these SAG nominations where The Best Marigold Hotel gets multiple nominations and Moonrise Kingdom does not.  The entire Lead Actress category is a bit baffling but not undeserving.  Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman getting nominated for an award is out of left field but encouraging for what the Academy may do with their nominations.


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