‘The Lone Ranger’ gets an action packed new trailer

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Movies

Disney desperately needs The Lone Ranger to perform well at the box office when it releases summer 2013.  Mainly because their last live action adaptation, John Carter, was one of the biggest flops of recent memory.   Recouping some of that money with The Lone Ranger should be doable with Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp as John Reid/The Lone Ranger and Tonto respectively.

Today Disney released the film’s second full length trailer which is twice as action filled as the first trailer and actually tells a bit about the plot as well.  Johnny Depp will be in a supporting role for this one and I think that is right up his alley.  His role as Tonto, by himself, is too familiar to that of Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean films but in that supporting role he’s right at home as comedic relief.  He also doesn’t need to out shine up-and-coming Armie Hammer in the titular role either.

Gore Verbinski (The Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango) is directing so there is a very good chance that this film actually turns out to be really good.  Summer 2013 is jam packed with remakes and sci-fi goodness, so it should be a great time to go the theaters.


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