Top 20 Christmas movies: #13 ‘Die Hard’

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Movies

*I will be doing a “top 20″ feature for the best Christmas movies of all time, right up to Christmas – I hope you enjoy!*

#20 – Lethal Weapon

#19 – The Polar Express

#18 – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

#17 – The Santa Clause 2

#16 – Batman Returns

#15 – The Family Man

#14 – Home Alone 2

Yippie Ki Yay!  Who doesn’t look forward to John McClane whooping some ass bare-footed on Christmas?  You’d be considered un-American if that was the case.   Die Hard is one of those Christmas films that is mandatory viewing this time of year.  The witty one-liners, Bruce Willis when he still had a little bit of hair, Alan Rickman as a German terrorist…what is not to love?

The Die Hard sequels are all good fun, especially when you get Samuel L. Jackson involved, but nothing comes close to maintaining and improving on the action and comedy you get from the original.   The first half the movie is John McClane in clothes, the second half of the movie he only has his pants on.  Women everywhere swore this was a new men’s fashion trend.

Seriously though, the film takes place in Christmas-time Los Angeles when a terrorist organization takes control of a building where a Christmas party is happening.  The only one who can save them is John McClane.  Would you have it any other way?  This is the last action film you’ll see on this countdown and it deserves its place as one of the best Christmas films of all time.

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