Top 20 Christmas movies: #15 ‘The Family Man’

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Movies

*I will be doing a “top 20″ feature for the best Christmas movies of all time, right up to Christmas – I hope you enjoy!*

#20 – Lethal Weapon

#19 – The Polar Express

#18 – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

#17 – The Santa Clause 2

#16 – Batman Returns

Another shocker.  Christmas is almost symbolic with Nicolas Cage, amirite? Seriously though, Nicolas Cage gives one of the best performances of his career in what is a terribly overlooked holiday film, The Family Man.

The movie stars Cage as a very successful and wealthy business broker but he had to sacrifice his once beautiful relationship with the woman he loved to get there.  The movie goes about taking Cage’s character and channeling It’s A Wonderful Life by taking that character and showing him what it would have been like had he not accepted that broker internship.  Opposite of Cage is a very good Tea Leoni, in one of her best performances as well.  Don Cheadle plays the “angel” of sorts showing Cage’s character his alternate past.

The movie is symbolic with Christmas for me and represents everything we hold dear during these holiday times.  Imagine not being with your loved ones at Christmas for whatever reason, imagine waking up Christmas morning and you’re home alone because those people you love and care about don’t exist anymore.  All over a decision you made a long time ago for some selfish reason.

The Family Man is a beautiful way to show you how you should never take the things you love for granted.  I highly recommend this one for everyone this time of year.


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