Top 20 Christmas movies: #17 ‘The Santa Clause 2’

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Movies


*I will be doing a “top 20″ feature for the best Christmas movies of all time, right up to Christmas – I hope you enjoy!*

#20 – Lethal Weapon

#19 – The Polar Express

#18 – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Coming up with this list is a little harder than I would have imagined mainly because there are really so many good Christmas/holiday films out there.  It’s hard to pick just 20 and call it a day.  However, when everyone’s favorite TV dad shows up as Santa Clause, you know it’s got to be somewhere in that top 20.

Biting on the huge success of The Santa Clause, Tim Allen dons the big red suit in The Santa Clause 2 for the sequel nearly 10 years after the original.  Of course, 10 years is 10 years and everyone’s a bit older and everyone’s a bit fatter.  I’m just glad the fine folks over at Disney didn’t have the audacity to try to recast Allen’s on-screen son at the same age he was in the original.  That would have been disastrous…even more disastrous than Eric Lloyd (playing Charlie Calvin) was trying to act his way through this film.  Listen, I’m not doing this countdown based on how good the movies are from a cinematic standpoint – not in the least – I’m gauging these films on their holiday/Christmas factor and how often family’s sit down during this time of year and watch the film.  The Santa Clause 2 has that replay factor, even if it’s for Tim Allen alone.

Nothing will match the magical feeling we all got watching the original Santa Clause.  Tim Allen was in the height of his Home Improvement success and was pretty much the king of TV at the time.  He was Disney’s golden goose; kids and parents alike loved him (even if he was a coke head in a previous life).  Disney opting to go with The Santa Clause 2 nearly 10 years after they had already done the first one was a bit of a stretch but it worked.  The whole film stems around the plot point that Santa Clause must find a Mrs. Clause by a certain point or else all his magic will disappear.  However plumpy that plot point is, we’re never really showcased with Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell’s chemistry (she plays the eventual Mrs. Clause).

The movie isn’t higher on this list mainly because it tries to tell too many stories in the span of an hour and a half and we’re caught trying to enjoy this Christmas film while keeping up with multiple plots.  Personally, I could have really done without the whole “Charlie-Calvin-loses-his-spirit-of-Christmas” storyline.


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