Netflix strikes streaming deal with The Walt Disney Company

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Movies


For the past couple of years the movie rental company Netflix has been struggling to maintain their relevancy in the internet streaming market with a declining library and dwindling contract deals with production companies.  Over the past couple of years Netflix streaming has seen contracts with Dreamworks, Sony, and The Weinstein Company disappear taking a substantial amount of their titles from the service.

However, there’s good news today as Netflix announced that they have struck a deal with The Walt Disney Company to stream the company’s titles before they go to pay-for-TV.  The deal officially begins in 2016 when all Disney films – Disney, Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, and Disneynature – go to the streaming service.  However, beginning in 2013 all straight-to-DVD releases by the company will appear on Netflix.  The Walt Disney Company did announce, as a teaser, the animated features of Dumbo, Pocahantas, and Alice in Wonderland are immediately available streaming now.

The timeline for this deal to take full effect is puzzling to me; not so much puzzling as in the fact that I don’t get why the two company’s came to a deal – more so puzzling as in why they’re waiting until 2016 for the full thing to get going?  My assumption is that Netflix is gearing up to announce a new tier to their streaming service where you’ll have access to more new release films from some of the bigger production companies.

Either way, all signs point to Netflix changes coming.


Via Cinemablend


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