Weekend Box Office – ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ ends ‘Twilight’ saga on high note

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Movies

It’s over.  It’s finally over and we – as a collective people – can go on caring about something other than sparkling vampires and shirtless werewolves.  You have been set free from the mind control capabilities Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight adaptations have had over you.  Be free, friends.  Be free.

Seriously though, this weekend’s massive blockbuster that the likes of November rarely sees, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 managed to smash the competition this weekend at the box office to the tune of $141M.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the second largest Twilight film and just missed becoming the highest grossing vampire film by just $1M, Twilight: New Moon brought in $142M back in 2008.  Collectively the Twilight franchise has made $1.2 BILLION to date, and Breaking Dawn Part 2 just came out.  No matter what you think about the books or the films or the culture that was created from them, this franchise has been one of the most successful film franchises of all time.

Coming in second this weekend at the box office was last week’s big winner, Skyfall.  No one expected Skyfall to do as well as it did last weekend and certainly no one expected it to take down the juggernaut that is Twilight, but James Bond still brought in a respectable second week total of $41M, bringing the film’s two week total to $161M.

Third place this weekend was Spielberg’s historical drama/biopic Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones.  The film, which technically opened in like 15 theaters last week, brought in $21M which is surprising.  The demographic for a Abraham Lincoln movie isn’t that strong, so kudos to them.

Rounding out the top five was Disney’s strong animated hit, Wreck-It-Ralph and Denzel Washington’s pilot drama Flight, bringing in $18M and $8M respectively.
Here’s the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – $141.3 (NEW)

2) Skyfall – $41.5 ($161.3)

3) Lincoln – $21 (NEW)

4) Wreck-It-Ralph – $18.3 ($121.4)

5) Flight – $8.6 ($61.3)

6) Argo – $4 ($92)

7) Taken 2 – $2 ($134.6)

8) Pitch Perfect – $1.2 ($62)

9) Here Comes the Boom – $1.2 ($41)

10) Cloud Atlas – $0.9 ($24.8)


Via Box Office Mojo


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