Weekend Box Office – New Bond reigns supreme

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Movies

This weekend we saw the masses flock to the 50th anniversary of James Bond in his new film Skyfall.  And by flock I absolutely mean FLOCK, to the tune of $87M.

Skyfall is the reboot and origins story that James Bond not only needed, but he deserved. For the longest time James Bond was this suave playboy who had nifty gadgets and witty one-liners.  Those were the days of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan.  These are the days of Daniel Craig – by far the best Bond since Connery.  Skyfall came in with a $200M budget and while there isn’t anything really extravagant about Skyfall, the action pieces are relatively modest by Bond standards and there isn’t anyone flying a jet plane in this one – shooting on location is still expensive.  I think it’s safe to say that Skyfall will turn a profit domestically and has already made back all its money from global sales.  It’s such a good reboot for the franchise and I’ll be anxious to find out who they get to direct the next film.

The number two film this weekend at the box office was the successful Disney Animation title Wreck-It-Ralph, which debuted in the number one spot last weekend.  It brought in $33M this weekend, which is only a 33% decline over last weekend – pretty good for an animated film.  Ralph has now made $93M in two weeks.

The third film this weekend was Denzel Washington’s pilot drama Flight, which brought in $15M.  Considering the film only cost $31M to make and has now made nearly $50M – I think it’s safe to say that Flight is a certified hit.

Rounding out the top five is the Ben Affleck drama Argo and the Liam Neeson sequel Taken 2, bringing in $7M and $4M respectively.


Here is the full top 10:

*numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Skyfall – $87.8 (NEW)

2) Wreck-It-Ralph – $33 ($93.6)

3) Flight – $15.1 ($47.7)

4) Argo – $6.7 ($85.7)

5) Taken 2 – $4 ($131.2)

6) Here Comes the Boom – $2.5 ($39)

7) Cloud Atlas – $2.5 ($22.7)

8) Pitch Perfect – $2.5 ($59)

9) The Man with the Iron Fists – $2.4 ($12.7)

10) Hotel Transylvania – $2.3 ($140.9)


Via Box Office Mojo


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