The Lone Ranger rumored to be Batman in the ‘Justice League’ movie

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Movies

The Dark Knight Rises isn’t even out on Blu-ray/DVD yet and we’re already getting “substantial” rumors of who is going to don the black cape as the next actor to play Batman.  We’ve already heard rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might play Batman in a Justice League movie, but that’s more fanboy wish thinking than actual facts.  One “substantial” rumor that’s being reported is that The Lone Ranger and Mirror Mirror actor, Armie Hammer, is “on the radar” at Warner Bros. to play Bruce Wayne in the superhero team up film.

According to MovieHole, Hammer – who before his claim to fame in The Social Network was rumored to play Batman in a Justice League film written by George Miller, but that fell apart and Miller moved on to his Mad Max sequel, Fury Road – is being looked at to play a young Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Justice League film written by Will Beall.

It’s an interesting rumor because Hammer has been rumored to play every major role that’s come about in Hollywood lately since his Lone Ranger casting.  However, Hammer certainly does look the part of the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and would definitely bring youth back to the character.  Hammer is only 26 years old, and would be the youngest actor to ever play the role by far.  Bale was in his late 20’s when he first put on the mask in Batman Begins, Michael Keaton was in his late 30’s when he starred in Batman in 1989, and Val Kilmer was in his mid 30’s when he played the part in Batman Forever.  I’ve completely tuned out George Clooney as Bruce Wayne.

What do you think of this rumor?  Do you think Hammer would be a good Bruce Wayne/Batman?


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