Box office numbers – ‘Hotel Transylvania’ breaks September record

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Movies

It’s not everyday that a non-Disney/Pixar animated film sets a box office record in September but this past weekend a 10 year old record was broken by none other than Sony’s Hotel Transylvania.  The little Halloween animated film starring the voice talent of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg and more brought in $43M which is a new million for a debut film in the ninth month of the year.  It breaks a record held by Sweet Home Alabama which debuted in 2002 and brought in nearly $37M.  Pretty fantastic to think of it.  While the film itself received a large number of mix reviews, most audiences have walked away from the movie pleased.

However, the early success of Hotel Transylvania might mean studios may opt to release Halloween/Horror films a tad bit earlier than usual, meaning we’ll probably see a flood of stupid Paranormal Activity films in late August/early September.  Damn the luck!

The number two film this weekend was the much-raved about science fiction time travel tale Looper starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.  I didn’t expect it to beat out a very likeable Transylvania but I did expect it to do much better than it did.  JGL is now an A-list front man for films, but I got the feeling that TriStar (the distributor on the film) marketed Willis as the leading man for this one.  He’s got star power, but he’s old and JGL is one of the best actor’s in Hollywood.  Either way, still not a bad haul with $21M opening weekend.

At number three at this past weekend’s box office was last week’s number one film, End of Watch, the cop drama starring Jake Gyllenhal.  It still brought in a respectable $8M in its second weekend.

Rounding out the top five at the box office was the Clint Eastwood drama, Trouble with the Curve, and the Jennifer Lawrence horror film, House at the End of the Street.  The two films brought in $7.5M and $7.1M respectively.

As a side note, the other new release – which you can read the review if you scroll down on the main page – Pitch Perfect, brought in $5.2M despite only being released in around 330 theaters nation wide.  That’s a better average per theater opening than Hotel Transylvania had, which opened in 3,349 theaters nation wide.  It’s safe to assume that had the movie had a wider release we could be talking about another film having broken that 10 year old record.

Another side note; Won’t Back Down – another new release – starring Maggie Gyllenhal and Viola Davis – barely managed to sneak into the top 10, bringing in only $2.7M.

Here’s the full top 10:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) Hotel Transylvania – $43 (NEW)

2) Looper – $21.2 (NEW)

3) End of Watch – $8 ($26.1)

4) Trouble with the Curve – $7.5 ($23.7)

5) House at the End of the Street – $7.1 ($22.2)

6) Pitch Perfect – $5.2 (NEW)

7) Finding Nemo 3D – $4 ($36.4)

8) Resident Evil: Retribution – $3 ($38.7)

9) The Master – $2.7 ($9.6)

10) Won’t Back Down – $2.7 (NEW)

*Dredd fell out of the top 10, despite being released last week, pulling in only $2.2M with a total of $10.8M. *


Via Box Office Mojo


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