‘End of Watch’ & ‘House and the End of the Street’ tie it up at the box office

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Movies

Usually you don’t see a ton of new movies grab the attention of movie goers this late in September, it’s normally the late summer crowd catching up on all of the summer blockbusters they missed in May/June/July.  However, this weekend featured three new releases that had a photo finish on Sunday for the top spot.  The one surprising thing about this movie-going weekend was that the most publicized and marketed film absolutely bombed at the box office – Dredd.  It’s surprising that a remake of a pretty popular early 90’s Sly Stallone film would do so bad – and get reviewed so well – but Dredd only managed to pull in around $6M through the three days.  For all accounts, it’s a pretty good movie too.

Anyways, Jake Gyllenhal and Jennifer Lawrence each had movies that garnered enough interest that they ended up in a tie for the number one spot at the box office.   Gyllenhal’s End of Watch and Lawrence’s House at the End of the Street each managed to bring in $13M.  It’s no surprise that Gyllenhals’ film garnered enough viewers to get the top spot, I am however surprised that Lawrence’s not-s0-publicized horror film was able to garner the same interest.

The Clint Eastwood acted baseball film Trouble with the Curve managed to bring in $12M while the Disney re-release of Finding Nemo in 3D still brought in nearly $10M.  Rounding out the top five was Resident Evil: Retribution with almost $7M.

Here is the full top 10:
*Numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) End of Watch – $13 (NEW)

2) House at the End of the Street – $13 (NEW)

3) Trouble with the Curve – $12.7 (NEW)

4) Finding Nemo 3D – $9.4 ($29.9)

5) Resident Evil: Retribution – $6.7 ($33.4)

6) Dredd – $6.3 (NEW)

7) The Master – $5 ($6)

8) The Possession – $2.6 ($45.6)

9) Lawless – $2.3 ($34.5)

10) ParaNorman – $2.2 ($52.5)


Via Box Office Mojo



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