Report: ‘The Office’ to end after upcoming season

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Television

The Office season 9 will be its last, according to a TV Line.  It comes at no surprise either as The Office has been running on fumes for the past several seasons.  If you’re a fan of The Office you have to realize that the time is now for the show to end and you have to embrace it.  The show’s main actors have embraced the show ending for quite some time.  Hell, Steve Carell embraced it a long time ago by leaving the show to focus on his movie career.  Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly on the show, is leaving to focus on her own show on FOX; B.J. Novak has toned down his involvement in the show as a writer and actor; and Riann Wilson will be getting his own spin-off show on NBC next fall.  The show is ending folks, get over it!

Apparently season 9 of the show – its last – will focus heavily on Jim and Pam (again!) and will finally reveal who is behind the whole documentary.  We’ll finally get an end to everyone’s story and hopefully lose ends will be tied up and we’ll get satisfactory ending.

Season 9 of the show airs on September 20 on NBC.


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