Daredevil to return to Marvel Studios in October

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Movies

Great news comic book fans!  Daredevil is finally going home after being held hostage for an eternity.  20th Century Fox has officially announced that the Daredevil movie rights will be returned to Marvel Studios after Fox was unable to start production on a reboot by the October 10th deadline.

It was revealed last week that Fox and Marvel Studios were discussing a deal that would allow Fox to keep the Daredevil franchise in exchange for the movie rights to a couple of Fantastic Four supporting characters – Galactus and Silver Surfer.  Reportedly Fox didn’t go for it and was trying desperately to secure Joe Carnahan to direct the reboot, but Carnahan tweeted over the weekend that he would not be attached to any future Daredevil films.

Daredevil joins The Punisher as two major Marvel characters that Marvel Studio has re-acquired since they became their own movie studio.  It will be interesting so see what direction Marvel Studios takes the character.

Either way it’s a great day to be a Marvel fan!

Via Cinemablend


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