Get a look at creepy-ass Javier Bardem in new ‘Skyfall’ trailer

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Movies

Javier Bardem is one of those guys that if I saw him walking towards me I’d cross the street.  Yep, he’s not going to get my ass with that air gun machine he carries around.  Oh, wrong movie…but still, same rules apply here with the latest trailer to the next James Bond title, Skyfall.  We finally get a look at Javier Bardem’s character, Silva, who will be Bond’s creepy nemesis.

Dude looks scary as fuuu…

It would appear, from these trailers, that Bond and M will have a serious falling out and shit breaks bad.  Bond goes on a bit of a hiatus (think The Dark Knight Rises) and comes back when MI6 needs him most.  Maybe.  Probably.  I don’t really know.  All I do know is that this Bond film looks all sorts of badass, it’s a vibe I never got from Quantum of Solace.

The film is out in November.



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