Disney’s ‘Planes’ gets first teaser trailer, world collectively groans

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Movies

With a quick show of hands, how many of you actually paid money to go see Cars 2?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Good, at least we’re on that page together.  When Pixar released Cars back in 2006, it was a fresh take on the open road adventure story about a hot-shot down on his luck, needing new friends to get him back to glory all while being humbled.  It went on to gross more than $244M in the theaters and became one of Disney’s all-time biggest hits.  Obviously, Disney being the venture capitalists that they are, there needed to be a sequel.  Thus we got Cars 2.  YAY!  Seriously though, Cars 2 was so bad it severely damaged Pixar’s reputation as animation studio that didn’t care about corporate box office and appeal factor, they cared more about visuals and telling a worth while story.  If the former happened along the way while they told a sincere story, then so be it.  As it happens, Cars 2 was a direct contradiction to all of the above.  While Cars 2 was a massive failure for the proud studio, it’s apparent that Disney is going to milk this “talking vehicles” story for as long as they can, as evidenced by the teaser trailer seen below for their upcoming film, Planes.

Yes, the movie is called “PLANES”…oh the originality!

Gathering from what I witnessed in the teaser trailer the animated movie will be about a vintage single prop war plane (voiced by Jon Cryer) trying to find a place to fly amongst all these F-18’s and shit.  You know, the story about a figure who’s obsolete but a crisis arises and the world then needs that figure who is obsolete to save the day.  Yep, I can pretty much read you the script now.  It’s basically Toy Story but with air craft.

Either way, it appears that Planes is a Disney Animation project and has nothing to do with Pixar, which is a great thing for Pixar.  Still, how many times are we going to go to the well with the same tired crap?

The film is out in 2013.


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