Box Office Numbers – ‘TDKR’ bounces the competition

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Movies

After last weekend’s The Dark Knight Rises debut was spoiled by senseless violence in Aurora, Colorado – the film’s numbers also took a dip because of it.  I don’t blame movie goers who were a little cautious about taking a trip to the cineplex to see a film about a man dressed up as a bat fighting crime.  Things just don’t seem the same when there’s a tragedy involved.

Thankfully people returned to the movie theaters this weekend in support of escapism, and the real reason we go to the movies – to see films like The Dark Knight Rises.  As it turns out enough people went to the theaters this past weekend to make TDKR the number one film this weekend again, by a long shot.  The movie pulled in nearly $65M in a weekend where the competition wasn’t very stiff.  The 10 day total for TDKR has it just under $300M, lagging about $70M behind where The Dark Knight was at this time four years ago.

The number two film this weekend was Ice Age 4: Continental Drift which managed to pull in a solid $13M, bringing its total to $115M for two weeks.  It’s still the weakest performer at the box office of the franchise.

Number three this weekend was the new film with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, The Watch, which was critically panned.  It only made $13M which is a huge disappointment for a film with as many heavy hitters as this one.

Rounding out the top 5 films was the weekend’s other new film, Step Up: Revolution and Ted, which brought in $12M and $7M respectively.  One more week and Ted is expected to cross the $200M mark, putting it in some elite company.

Here is the full top 10:

*numbers in millions* (TOTAL)

1) The Dark Knight Rises – $64 ($289)

2) Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – $13.3 ($114.8)

3) The Watch – $13 (NEW)

4) Step Up: Revolution – $11.8 (NEW)

5) Ted – $7.3 ($193)

6) The Amazing Spider-Man – $6.8 ($242)

7) Brave – $4.2 ($217.2)

8) Magic Mike – $2.5 ($107.5)

9) Savages – $1.7 ($43.8)

10) Moonrise Kingdom – $1.3 ($38.3)


Via Box Office Mojo


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