We finally get an extended look at ‘Cloud Atlas’ and it looks amazing

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Movies

What do we – as a collective movie watching whole – know about the Wachowski brothers?  Well, we know they are responsible for perhaps the most revolutionary film in cinematic history.  Not the best film, per say, but the most cinema altering, way-too-ahead-of-its-time film.  Yep, I’m talking about The Matrix.  While the Wachowski brothers have made some revolutionary films, they’ve also made some bad apples too (looking at you Matrix Revolutions and Speed Racer).

Thus brings us to Cloud Atlas, a film written and directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant, and Susan Sarandon.   It’s a sprawling epic that inter-weaves six stories into one and spans the past, present, and future.  The trailer looks down right amazing but after watching it I’m just as confused as I was before I watched it.  Don’t even ask me what the actual plot is about.  It’s actually adapted from a novel of the same name, but I haven’t read that either…so you’re still out of luck.

That doesn’t matter though, all that matters is that it’s likely going to be an epic film starring two of the best actors in Hollwood;  Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.  Can’t. Wait.

Since Apple has the trailer exclusive for now, you can view the trailer here.

And here’s some commentary on the film from the directors:


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