Who Do You Want To Play Finnick Odairin in ‘Catching Fire’?

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Movies

Well you only have three choices to choose from, according to E! Online, being Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch, and Garrett Hedlund.  Finnick Odairin’s character is a pretty big role and will be pivotal in both Catching Fire and Mocking Jay.  So with that said, which of the three mentioned above would you like to see play the bleeding heart romantic turned tough guy?

Let’s break them down, shall we?

Armie Hammer

Previous Roles: The Social Network, J. Edgar, Mirror Mirror, (and the upcoming) The Lone Ranger

Why He Makes Sense: Hammer, out of the three candidates, is the most established actor.  His turn as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network was nothing short of fantastic.  He then played J. Edgar Hoover’s lover in J. Edgar opposite of Leonardo DiCaprio, in which he more than held his own.  He was the comedic hero/love interest in Mirror Mirror and will show off his leading man chops next to Johnny Depp in next year’s The Lone Ranger.  I think for a film franchise that has built itself on cinematography and great acting with character development, Hammer is a no-brainer for the role of Finnick.

Why He Doesn’t Make Sense: Name recognition, plain and simple.  While Hammer could act circles around both Kitsch and Hedlund, people just don’t know who he is.  Seriously though, raise your hand if you were aware that he was staring in a Disney film about the Lone Ranger next to Johnny Depp?  Not too many in the crowd I see.  He’s never been in a big blockbuster film and certainly none the size of what Catching Fire is expected to be.  Catching Fire is much in the same vain as The Hunger Games in which the games play a very large part.  Hammer isn’t exactly the action film buff.  In this regard certainly Kitsch would make more sense.

Chance He Gets The Role: 40%


Taylor Kitsch

Previous Roles: (It would be unfair to Kitsch not to mention his stardom on NBC’s Friday Night Lights) X-Men Origins: Wolverine, John Carter, Battleship

Why He Makes Sense: It’s been well documented on this blog that I have a man-crush on Kitsch, ever since watching FNL – the entire six seasons on Netflix – I had a new favorite dude to follow through Hollywood.  Kitsch’s role as Remy LeBeau/Gambit in Origins: Wolverine was small but fantastic, his turn as John Carter in a film of the same name was excellent even if no one saw it.  Battleship did a little bit better at the box office than Carter but still wasn’t the home run Kitsch has been looking for.  He brings charisma, suaveness, and a certain level of cool to every role he’s been in.  He’s done the big budget sci-fi flick, twice this year, and he’s played the bleeding heart romantic-action figure.  Plus he’s easy on the eyes.  Which is a must for Finnick.  He brings a name that people have heard before and people are familiar with.  Most of all, and unlike Hammer, he wouldn’t out-act his fellow Catching Fire compadres.

Why He Doesn’t Make Sense: Every big budget movie he’s been in has tanked, regardless of critic’s reviews.  Now there really isn’t any correlation between a the movies Kitsch has been and them tanking, but it’s not a good track record he’s started out on.  He’s not an established actor like most of the other actors taking roles in Catching Fire.  He doesn’t have the credits like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.  He isn’t on the level of Woody Harrellson or Stanley Tucci and certainly not Donald Sutherland.  It’s just hard to see Kitsch getting the nod with all these factors working against him.

Chance He Gets The Role: 50%


Garrett Hedlund

Previous Roles: Troy, Eragon, Four Brothers, TRON: Legacy

Why He Makes Sense: He actually fits Finnick’s profile of upper class aristocrat turned killer, their physiques even match up.  He’s just about Finnick’s age in the books and he’s exactly his height.  Hedlund has been around for a while, staring in mediocre movie after mediocre movie, even if I loved Troy it just wasn’t that great.  He finally got his big budget starring role in TRON: Legacy (another Disney film…notice a trend here *ahem*Kitsch*ahem*) and while the movie did make money it wasn’t that great either.  Hedlund is dying to break out and maybe Catching Fire is just what he’s been looking for in an actor.  He definitely wouldn’t outshine his co-stars either.  He’s an action genre veteran with nearly all of his big films being action movies.  He knows his way around a big budget set.

Why He Doesn’t Make Sense: He just isn’t that recognizable for Lionsgate to pay him a ton of money in hopes that he’ll draw even more viewers to the theaters next year.  I mean, Robert Pattinson already turned down the role and I don’t even think it was offered to him.  Unlike Pattison, Hedlund needs the recognition to kick his Hollywood career to the next level.  Hedlund’s been committed to filming Lullaby for a while now it’s expected to start filming later this summer, early fall.  Filming for Catching Fire is expected to start towards the end of fall this year, clearly the two projects would clash.

Chance He Gets The Role: 40%


To sum it up, it’s really a toss up.  Kitsch makes the most sense but I could realistically see Lionsgate going with either of the three.

Via CinemaBlend


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