Box Office Numbers – ‘The Avengers’ Sets Record With $200M Opening Weekend

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Movies

Move over The Hunger Games 2012 has a new box office king and it goes by the name The Avengers.  Yep, Marvel and Joss Whedon’s superhero collaboration effort has officially become the first movie to gross $200M in its opening weekend.  It’s a feat that is both awesome and expected for Marvel as the anticipation for the movie was at an all time high leading up to this summer.  It’s safe to say that this record is safe…well at least until July 20 when Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises opens.  Still, The Dark Knight didn’t even make $175M its opening weekend, so it’s not given that TDKR will make over $200M.  Congratulations to Joss Whedon and everyone involved in making this difficult process come to fruition.

The number two film this weekend was Think Like A Man, which brought in an unimpressive $8M, seeing a 50% drop from last weekend.  The Hunger Games held steady in the number three spot bringing in nearly $6M, seeing the film approach $400M domestically.

The number four and five spots at the box office this weekend belong to The Lucky One and The Pirates! Band of Misfits bringing in $5.5M and $5.4M, respectively.

Here is the full charts:

*Numbers in millions* (TOTALS)

1) The Avengers – $200 (NEW)

2) Think Like A Man – $8 ($73)

3) The Hunger Games – $5.7 ($380.7)

4) The Lucky One – $5.5 ($47.9)

5) The Pirates! Band of Misfits – $5.4 ($18.5)

6) The Five-Year Engagement – $5.1 ($19.2)

7) The Raven – $2.5 ($12)

8) Safe – $2.4 ($12.8)

9) Chimpanzee – $2.3 ($23)

10) The Three Stooges – $1.8 ($39.6)


Via Box Office Mojo


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