The Godfather of All That Is Awesome Music – Will Smith

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Music

It’s one of those mornings, you know, the kind that just spring up at you out of nowhere like all “hey there, guess what day it is?  NOT FRIDAY!” So in honor of not wanting to wake up to non-Fridays, I bring you WILL SMITH THURSDAY!

Yep, get your English muffin and orange marmalade ready because we’re about to take a trip down AWESOME lane on the corner of HE’S COOLER THAN YOU street and catty-corner to BAMF avenue.  Ok, all that was a bit much…but clearly I’m excited for some Will Smith videos!


Wild Wild West

*Dru Hill dancing around like he’s got ants his pants is the best part of the entire music video.

Men in Black

Nod Ya Head

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It



And just as a bonus you get some Pitbull who has a song featured in the upcoming Men in Black 3.


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