‘Looper’ Gets First Trailer, Looks Amazing

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Movies

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ever since his real debut in Brick and his subsequent breakout role in The Lookout, was destined to be one of Hollywood’s next great things.  Roles in Killshot, (500) Days of Summer, Hesher, and Inception have successfully launched Gordon-Levitt to stardom.  He’s got the quiet charm of the boy next door, the suaveness of someone who’s been there before, and the charisma to pull it all off in style. Oh yea, not to mention he’s one heck of an actor.  It’s why he’s one of my favorite actors and it’s precisely why 2012 is destined to be his year.

His next big film Looper is a sci-fi crime drama that puts an interesting spin on the time travel genre.  The film stars Gordon-Levitt as “Joe” a hitman for the futuristic mob who’s next target is his future self (played by Bruce Willis…perfect).  It’s the classic tale of the possibilities that would be available if organized crime had means of time travel.  The wonderful Emily Blunt also co-stars in this one, which is even better.

Seriously, a film with Gordon-Levitt hunting John McCla–erm, Bruce Willis has GOLD written all over it.  The film opens in the US on September 28.  You can bet your ass I’ll be there!


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