‘LOL’ Gets Trailer’d, Stars Stupid Miley Cyrus Being Miley Cyrus On Stupid Pills

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Movies

Sometimes I wonder how Hollywood is still in business and not some ghost town full of homeless people.  Its projects that get approved to be made into movies that make me believe that I can make it in show business.  Projects such as the upcoming film LOL that continue to allow me to believe that if stupid people can make millions of dollars, I can too!

LOL stars Miley Cyrus as “Lola” (get it? BARF) a teenager living in the social media world trying to survive.  Yes, that is pretty much the tagline for the movie.  What is this, fucking Jurassic Park?  Really though, the movie also stars Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, and Thomas Jane.  Career highlight for all involved!

The movie already has a 2.8 rating on IMDB and it’s not even out yet.  See, the internet already knows the movie is a flaming pile of shit.


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