Gary Ross Officially Done With ‘The Hunger Games’

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Movies

Welp.  It’s official, Gary Ross and Lionsgate are both idiots.

According to reports Gary Ross has officially decided not to return for The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.  The acclaimed director was reportedly in negotiations with Lionsgate on returning but talks weren’t going so well.  Ross had been in negotiations to return to the franchise but at a larger salary.

Ross supposedly has a script for another film in his hands and reportedly likes that one better than the Catching Fire script.  That particular film (unknown at this time) will supposedly pay him more money as well.  It’s unfortunate that Ross won’t be returning because it was his vision that really made the film stand out from the written adaptation that it was based off of.  It’s not that Ross can’t be replaced it’s the fact that these films will now have zero consistency and will be lumped into the likes of the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises, which did not have consistency when it came to directors either.

Now rumors will run rampart with who will replace Ross, and speculation is that Steven Soderbergh will step up and take the reigns.  Afterall Soderbergh served as a production consultant on the first film.  Thinking about it, Soderbergh would actually be a fine replacement for Ross on Catching Fire as the second and third books (and films) have increasing action and violence – which is Soderbergh’s specialty.

It would serve Lionsgate to move quickly with finding Ross’ replacement as Jennifer Lawrence and FOX have an agreement to start filming the X-Men: First Class sequel next year, Catching Fire or no Catching Fire.

Via The Playlist


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