‘Savages’ Trailer Shows Blake Lively Getting Steamy

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Movies

The first trailer for Oliver Stone’s upcoming drug cartel action-drama Savages has hit the internet.  Be forewarned, it features the very sexy and very talented Blake Lively getting kidnapped by a bunch of drug kingpins.

The film stars Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, Friday Night Lights, Battleship) as Lively (Green Lantern, The Town) is their mutual love interest.  They get mixed up in the wrong type of drug deal and shit breaks bad.  Benicio del Toro (The Usual Suspects, Traffic) plays the kingpin running the show with John Travolta as the duo’s middle-man.

Oliver Stone has a track record of trying to be too clever with his films and this doesn’t look to be any different, although the movie doesn’t look bad.

The movie is out later this year.


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