‘The Hunger Games’ Director Gary Ross’ Future With The Franchise In Doubt

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Movies

The Hunger Games has broken all sorts of records at the cinema in the past two weeks and it’s likely to stay on top of the box office this weekend as well.  One of the main reasons the film was so successful – other than the faithful following Collins’ books have – is because of director’s Gary Ross’ vision.

If you’ve seen the film than you know that the movie was very faithful to the book and he even improved on some aspects that the books just could not have captured.  So what’s really surprising is that Lionsgate is prepared to move on without Ross as director of the next film adaptation Catching Fire.  According to The Hollywood Reporter negotiations with Ross haven’t been going so well.  The site claims that negotiations the first time around were so bad that one source that the site talked to classified them as a “terrible experience”.  It’s only fair to assume that Ross is expecting a pay raise given the Games‘ huge success and mega-millions in profits.  However, Ross should know that Lionsgate will not hesitate to replace him if things should get too hairy.

It’s a shame that things with the film franchise are going this route as I was really looking forward to some consistency as both the Twilight and Harry Potter film franchises did not have director consistency and you could make the argument that the films suffered because of it.

Ross has a good track record when it comes to his directing and the films he’s been involved with so I think Lionsgate should just suck up his demands and pay him.  Afterall, when was the last time Lionsgate had any film(s) of this magnitude?


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