‘Anchorman 2’ Is Officially Happening – Whale’s Vagina!

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Movies

So, we’ve come upon this blog’s 100th post, it’s a joyous occasion that should be celebrated with copious amounts of alcohol, women, and drugs…alas, since I have none of that right now, I guess an announcement regarding Anchorman 2 will have to suffice.

Earlier tonight, March 28, Will Ferrell – as Action News 4 personality Ron Burgandy, appeared on the Conan Show to announce that Paramount Pictures has officially greenlit Anchorman 2.  That in itself should be a reason enough to get stupid drunk.  Burgandy’s amazing flute skills coupled with witty one-liners and Anchorman 2 could be the greatest sequel to ever grace the silver screen.

Here’s the announcement from the man himself:

And if that doesn’t jostle your memory, here are a few clips of what we can expect from the sequel:

And the greatest song to ever be used in a movie soundtrack…


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